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We are a comprehensive creative agency offering a wide range of services including brand development, in house video production, custom website design, and targeted marketing solutions designed specifically for your unique business requirements.

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At LUKUMA LABEL, our driving force is the unwavering belief in the transformative power of effective marketing. We exist to empower businesses, both big and small, to achieve their full potential and succeed in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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Digital Marketing

From harnessing the power of targeted social media campaigns within specific geographical boundaries to crafting effective Google Ads with a pay-per-click model, we will create a tailored digital advertising strategy that precisely targets your ideal customer base.

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A carefully crafted brand strategy forms the bedrock of every prosperous marketing endeavor. At our agency, we specialize in assisting both emerging and established brands in discovering their essence and cultivating their unique identity.

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Video Advertising

With our industry-leading platform and tailored approach for each stage of the marketing funnel, we provide comprehensive on-demand video production services. From ideation to final delivery, we ensure a seamless process that encompasses every aspect of video production, enabling you to effectively engage your target audience.

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our CMO services 

Why limit your goals to mere sales or leads when you have the opportunity to establish genuine connections with your audience? At our agency, we embrace the LUKUMA LABEL WAY, which involves engaging the right individuals with targeted questions, actively listening, and meticulously planning to convert valuable insights into an actionable strategy that truly resonates. Every service we offer is meticulously designed to foster and nurture relationships for sustainable growth.

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Unleashed the Power of Video Advertising


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Partnering with us is like  having your own dedicated on-demand marketing department at your disposal. You can tap into the capabilities of our in-house marketing team, benefiting from their expertise while having the flexibility to utilize only the specific services you require. Take a closer look at the array of marketing services we offer to gain a deeper understanding of our capabilities and how we can contribute to your success.


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